LIFE Skills

For a Lifetime of Greater Independence

As your partner, Development Workshop advocates for you. Specifically, we can help identify and coordinate services available through other agencies to ensure your needs, desires and goals are met.

You choose the appropriate services that will assist you in achieving your goals. These choices then, are tailored to meet your specific needs and are monitored by measured progress.

Some skills you may consider include:
•  Daily Living Skills
•  Social Skills
•  Home Management
•  Communication
•  Money Management
•  Health and Safety
•  Rights and Responsibilities
•  Shopping/Consumer Skills
•  Cooking
•  Self Advocacy
•  Conflict Resolution

Appropriate social skills are essential in maintaining personal relationships, employment and for developing friendships that last a lifetime.

Because we believe that social skills are best learned in a social environment,
we offer field trips, crafts and recreational activities to teach and reinforce appropriate social skills.

We offer individualized goals and flexible services. Activities are developed
for each person and measured to result in increased independence. Instruction
is offered in a variety of environments including the community, the
home and the classroom.

LIFE is staffed by trained professionals who are committed to helping individuals achieve their goals in an environment where they feel
valued and respected.

All staff are First Aid and CPR certified.