Contract Manufacturing

Since 1971, Development Workshop has worked tirelessly to establish and
maintain our performance-based track record of contract manufacturing success
with the U.S. Government and private industry.

With Development Workshop as your manufacturing partner, you will gain
100 dedicated production employees and more than 100,000 square feet of
modern manufacturing, storage, and office space.

Furthermore, you will minimize the costs and headaches associated with
supervision, payroll administration, purchasing, inventory control, fluctuating
labor requirements, and capital investment.

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We can perform a wide range of duties on your site or at our facilities. From manufacturing, sorting, assembly, quality assurance, packaging, warehousing, and order fulfillment, we accept the challenge.

At Development Workshop, Inc. we can:

• Provide a stable, reliable workforce that is expandable to meet
your needs.
• Partner with you on capital investment, plant and equipment.
• Arrange pick-up and delivery to fit your schedule.
• Use our purchasing power to buy all component parts at the
best prices.
• Manufacture, assemble and package to your specifications.
• Innovate solutions to meet your requirements including contract manufacturing, partnerships, joint ventures.

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Industrial Sewing

We have the people and equipment to get your sewing job done right. Our modern equipment includes Brother programmable flat beds, Adler open arm programmables, Union Special chain stitch machines, Double needle flatbeds, automated strap and web cutters, a Falcon end cutter, five ton Schwabe clicker cutters, four and five thread sergers, hi-frequency sealer, snap and grommet setters, bar tackers and much more.

Injection Molding

Our injection molding machines are capable of handling a variety of resins. With machines ranging in size from 75 to 300 tons, we can mold parts up to 32 ounces. Additional equipment includes chillers, dryers, and grinders, hot stamping press, and sonic welders.