LIFE Skills

for Children and Adolescents

For a Lifetime of Greater Independence.


Acquiring LIFE Skills is essential for every child’s success.  LIFE Skills for Children is about exploring interests, developing skills, learning as a family, and practicing appropriate behaviors in small groups and larger social settings.  With LIFE Skills from Development Workshop, the focus is on the individual and on the family as a whole.


LIFE Skills for Children is provided in the home and in the community. Services are individualized to help children with developmental delays gain social skills, reduce negative behaviors and improve their daily functional skills so they can gain greater independence and integration. 


Since 1971, Development Workshop has been a leader at providing rehabilitative services to Idahoans with disabilities.  Our experienced staff are here to help you navigate the sometimes confusing maze of options and resources, ensuring the best possible outcomes.


We will help you get started.

 As an active partner with the State of Idaho, Department of Health and    Welfare, we will help you get started.

 Our experienced staff at Development Workshop will help guide you through the eligibility and plan development process.


Development Workshop will put the resulting plan into action by delivering the individualized services needed to move your child toward independence, integration, and success.

Receive the services that meet your needs where and when you need them.

Habilitative Intervention is designed and delivered by our professional staff. These services are focused on scientifically-proven, evidence-based strategies that result in measurable, positive skill development while reducing undesirable behaviors.


Habilitative Supports

Development Workshop understands that everyone needs opportunities to explore their interests and to learn while interacting with peers in order to become a truly independent and integrated part of the community.  We all grow by practicing the skills we learn while interacting with others in a social setting.  You can count on us to be there to provide support with extra curricular activities like scouts, sports, 4-H, or other community activities.


Respite.  Caring for a child can be stressful.  Respite services allow you as the parent or caregiver a chance to take a needed break.  Respite can be provided on a regular schedule or when there is a family emergency.


Family Education provides an opportunity for families and unpaid caregivers to meet with other families that  have similar needs and interests.  Topics may include studying about specific disabilities, strategies to address a particular need, behavior modification techniques, and more.


Family Training is provided to you one-on-one in a family setting.  We work closely with you to develop strategies and techniques that are successful with your child. Training may include topics related to intervention techniques, positive behavior supports, and more.  We follow-up and monitor you and your child’s progress and suggest corrections as needed to result in the best outcomes.


Interdisciplinary Training.  Our dedicated staff collaborate with your child’s other service providers (like occupational therapists, physical therapists) to provide treatments consistently in all aspects of your child’s life.

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Crisis Intervention. Development Workshop can provide consultation when your child experiences a psychological, behavioral, or emotional crisis.