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Why Assembly and Packaging?

Our Manufacturing Division helps to support the services that we provide to individuals in our Community Rehabilitation Services, including Extended Work Services.   Individuals learn vocational skills that include following direction, understanding specifications, seeking quality assurance and operating equipment.

We currently have projects that come to us from our Injection Molding Department such as Flashlights, Tape Dispensers and Tool Covers.  Other projects include kitting Tool Kits, SWAG bags and Promotional Boxes.  We also package apparel for the U.S. Air Force. 

We utilize various devices to complete any specific project, including Bag heat sealers, bubble wrapping and a heat shrinking tunnel.

Call us for any questions or specific requests for services on how we can support your project.




Die Cutting Machine

With your mold, we can cut patterns into materials such as leather, vinyl, felt, silicone and rubber

Heat Shrinking Tunnel

Designed to shrink the plastic around items to produce a snug fit.

Heat Bag Sealer

Seals plastic bags to ensure nothing falls out of the package.

Pallet Wrapper

Once items are boxed up, can be palletized and stretched wrapped to hold the load in place for safer travel on the pallet via truck.

Current Projects and Capabilities

Tape Dispensers

We take the molded bodies produced in our Injection Molding department and fill with sand, place rubber footings, insert a cutting blade and spindle before individually bagging and boxing and placing into a master carton.

Highway Safety Tool Kits

We kit over 21 different items into a large tool kit.  The upper tray with components is heat shrinked to keep the items from scattering.  After the tool box is filled, then it is placed in a shipping carton.

Boxes for Idaho Falls Fiber

Thanks to Blue Phoenix Branding, we fill boxes with goodies and seal them with a label, which are then sent out to new Idaho Falls Fiber Customers.

Mass Mailings

For the DWI Foundation, we collate pages of the annual letter, stuff, seal and stamp the letters for mailing.

Interested in packaging & assembly?

Call Our Sales & Marketing Manager

We'd love to hear from you to determine if we are a good match for your assembly or packaging project and walk you through the process to get started. Call Glenn Guzman,  Sales & Marketing Manager,  to get your project started today!

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