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Our manufacturing services allow us to continue to fund the community rehabilitation services that we offer. A big part of that is our assembly and packaging services. We package and assemble several of the products that we manufacture with plastic injection molding, including flashlights and tape dispensers. 

We also have contracts for a wide variety of packaging and assembly jobs for products that are already made. We help finish up the process so you can start selling. We are open to looking at all assembly and packaging job possibilities, so please reach out to our production director if you need some assistance. 

Past projects that we've done:

  • Assemble and Package Tape Dispensers and Flashlights
  • Mass mailings
  • Labeling packages
  • Unpacking and repacking products
  • Bubble packed fly fishing tackle, fishing lures, and cement glue tubes
  • SWAG Bags
  • Kitting Highway Took Kits

Our current machine capabilities include:

  • Bubble packer machine
  • Bag sealing machine
  • Die cutter machine
  • Shrink wrapper

Interested in packaging & assembly?

Call Our Sales & Marketing Manager

We'd love to hear from you to determine if we are a good match for your assembly or packaging project and walk you through the process to get started. Call Glenn Guzman,  Sales & Marketing Manager,  to get your project started today!

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