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What is Extended Work Services?

The program is tailored for individuals who are not prepared or who prefer not to engage in community work, yet seek employment opportunities.


How to apply for the Program?

An Individuals' Targeted Service Coordinator needs to make a referral to the Extended Employment Services program of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.


What happens in the Program?

Individuals have their schedules of workdays and times established.  They have their goals established (both long-term and short-term) and reviewed by the job coaches.  Goals are reviewed annually.


Why Extended Work Services?

This program allows opportunities for individuals to learn valuable skills, (soft, vocational and technical) that may assist them in transitioning to Community Based Employment.  Some individuals may choose to stay within the EWS Program as they find it to be at their chosen level of independence.

Contact our Vocational Services Coordinator

We can assist you in getting the training that you need to grow your career and your independence.  Please call Suzy Hersh, our Vocational Services Coordinator for more information at (208) 524-1550 x1010