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Finding Good Jobs, Leading to Great Careers

For nearly 30 years, DWI has been a leader in helping people find good jobs with placement services that can result in greater independence, personal satisfaction, and great careers. Our years of experience have given us a broad base of satisfied employers who call us FIRST when they have an employment opportunity.

Community Employment Services at DWI has earned internationally recognized CARF accreditation. CARF’s rigorous audits ensure that the services provided by DWI meet the highest quality standards and deliver the best possible results for you.

What can I expect when I choose Community Employment Services from DWI?

At DWI, our experienced Career Counselors are available to assist you along the process of obtaining a job through our employment services. We've listed out the roles that our Career Counselors will assist you with, along with some additional steps they may help with on a case-by-case basis. 

Prior to a job, our Career Counselors will:
  • Provide individualized assistance to ensure a good job match
  • Coordinate with a support group to discuss the choice of client
  • Share Development Workshop's program with the employer
  • Work to match each employer with the best applicant
Additional steps prior to a job may include:
  • Helping prepare a professional resume
  • Review interviewing techniques
  • Discuss proper dress/attire and body language

When you have received a job through our program, you aren't left alone. Our Career Counselors will continue to work with you and your employer to ensure success. 

On the job, our Career Counselors will:
  • Provide training to ensure that each employee adapts to the job and meets employer standards
  • Assess work setting safety
  • Ensure provided supervision is accurate to meet employee's needs
  • Discuss with employer and employee any job accommodations that may be necessary
Additional steps on the job may include:
  • Measuring the quality and quantity of the work performed to assess if additional training is needed
  • Determine in the employee meets the physical tolerance for the demands of the job

How do Career Counselors match employees with employers?

Our Career Counselors strive to provide individualized assistance to potential employees to ensure a successful job match and a path to independence. Our Career Counselors will work with employers to foster a good working relationship and understanding of DWI’s role in the employment process.

What are the benefits of working with a Career Counselor?

Due to our decades of experience with successful job matching, employers come to our Career Counselors first when they have positions they need filled. Our Career Counselors can help prepare professional resumes, guide interview skills, and discuss appropriate attire and body language when applying for a position.

Client Testimonials

I love working at Town and Country Gardens. Development Workshop helped me immensely.

Tom R.

Vicki is a great asset to our Walgreens family. She’s a fantastic employee.

Michael H.

It’s a great job. My coworkers are great.

Dustin H.

I’m really excited...this is a great new start for me.

Christine P.

Looking for a job?

Contact our Vocational Services Coordinator

We can help you identify and develop your strengths and abilities. Then we will help you find a job that matches your interests. Call Suzy Hersh, our Vocational Services Coordinator today at 208-524-1550 x 1010