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Karla's Story

As we round out October and National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we are excited to share the success of Karla LaCourse.

Karla officially graduated from DWI services on August 16th, 2021. Graduation from DWI means Karla has met her chosen level of economic and social independence.  What does independence look like for Karla? Karla independently applied for and was hired at Sandy’s Early Childhood Daycare and Preschool in January 2021. In March Karla was offered a full-time position as a lead teacher caring for children 18 months to 3 years old. As a lead teacher she creates her own lesson plans and teaches independently.

Karla states “DWI contributed a great deal to this success.” Nine years ago, Karla found DWI as an opportunity to transition from high school to adulthood.  Karla’s staff from DWI noted that she came into services very shy, quiet, and spent a great deal of time in her own space. Through her time at DWI, and while working at various jobs and participating in activities of daily living skills training (LIFE), Karla acquired the ability to ask for help when needed, overcome the anxiety of accepting help from others, became more social and expanded her network of friends. Karla have been together for 4 years. Karla has learned to trust others and work to be economically independent when it comes to saving and budgeting her money. Karla stated, “I really appreciate the support I received from my trainers, developmental specialists, job coaches, DWI Management and all that helped build my self-confidence.”

DWI Staff are proud of all that Karla has accomplished. We look forward to seeing her continue her journey toward going to college and getting her degree as an Elementary School Teacher.

Karla is an example of how, when someone works hard, has a dream, and takes control of what they desire, the future looks bright. Karla had a great team of family, friends, service providers, and employers that believed she had what it took to be “more than she could ever imagine.”

She misses DWI and hopes to visit soon but work keeps her very busy, she said.

If your business is seeking wonderful employees like Karla, Call Natalie Rauschenbach, Community Employment Services manager today at 208-524-1550 ext. 1024 to learn more!