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Dustin was named Employee of the Month for December at MOD Pizza in Ammon.

He has been working at MOD for over a year and he cannot believe that it has been that long.  Dustin attributes his success to his cool co-workers, his good boss, and his desire to help the customers.  MOD Pizza's General Manager Jordan appreciates how Dustin is very social and brings his attentiveness to the customers welcoming them in and thanking them for coming in.  Dustin's sense of humor brings levity to the MOD Squad (the team of employees).

Dustin and Jordan recollected that when Dusitn first started, he learned how to operate the Dishwasher.  Now, you can find him on the dough press machine, on the Line making pizza, prepping items, working the Front of House bussing and even learning the cash register.  Jordan emphasized that Dustin did not let any challenges in capabilities prevent him from learning new things or trying new tasks.

DWI Job Coach Tracy has been working with Dustin for about eight months and has seen growth in his ability to take on those new tasks.  She mentioned that Jordan is proactive in ensuring that Dustin does get around to doing different jobs, and not just stay in the kitchen.  Jordan is thankful that Tracy is there to coach and instruct and is not there just tell Dustin what to do.  This has allowed Dustin to truly learn the routines and procedures.

MOD Pizza is focused on the people first and is a supporter of not only hiring individuals with disabilities, but with individuals who may need a second chance in life. 

Congratulations to Dustin for his accomplishments and thank you to Jordan and MOD Pizza for being a DWI Champion!


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