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Service-Learning Program

In a partnership with the College of Eastern Idaho (CEI), DWI was able to offer a service-learning opportunity to students.  Students in Dr. Harrison’s English Class were provided with a choice of agencies to volunteer and learn about the work those agencies provide to the community.  After their time serving, then they would write an informative paper on their experience.

Marissa Rangel chose DWI because she wanted to learn more about individuals with developmental disabilities and was surprised to learn of an agency that those provided services in this area.  Working in the Life Skills program and the Vocational Training Production floor, she initially did not feel that she was contributing much, other than listening to the clients.  She soon realized that listening and interacting was a major part of what takes place daily.

She found that on the production floor, clients were confident in their work and often instructed her on what the jobs were each day.

As a Computer Science major, Marissa felt that this experience opened her mind to many different perspectives and is pleased that she chose DWI as her organization.  In fact, she was open to come back and help at other events in the future.

She plans on completing her classes at CEI and hopes to transfer to a university next year to pursue her studies.

Wes Dance, DWI Director of Adult LIFE, was pleased with the outcome of the program and felt that it did provide great exposure of what services DWI provides to those who may have no knowledge of DWI.  He hopes to see it expand to other schools or agencies and to give more people that opportunity.

We appreciate all the work Marissa put in at DWI and wish her all the best.