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VR Clients celebrate Milestone Years at their jobs



Earlier this year, some of our clients in our Vocational Services program have graduated from our services, but we have also seen a few reach successful milestone years with their employers.

Kim B and Jarrod W celebrated 25 years and 5 years, respectively, with their employers and have given no indication that they want to slow down yet.

Kim has worked at the Outback Steakhouse in Idaho Falls since 1998.  She shows up in the morning and helps prepare the dining room by setting down all the chairs that were taken off the floor the night before.  Afterwards, she walks the dining room picking up any leftover dining ware and glassware, wiping down tables, chairs and benches, and then shines up some silverware.  General Manager Justin explained that Kimberly reminds him of a magical pixie, because all of his chairs and tables are ready to go by the time he gets in.  After all the other bussing and cleaning has gone on overnight, Kim provides the last step to get the front of house ready for guests later that afternoon.

Kimblery enjoys her job and feels appreciated by the team at Outback. She has thought about retirement, but still enjoys going to work right now to consider that move.

Jarrod just celebrated 5 years working at Advance Auto Parts in Rexburg.  He started by taking care of the janitorial duties and some parts stocking.  The team at Advance has seen him want to learn more and now Jarrod restocks and reprices as well as cleans, disinfects and trashes out.  He is learning how to look up parts on the POS machine to be able to find and pick the parts more quickly for customers.

Store General Manager Ron explained that Jarood 's attention to detail and laser focus has assisted in getting some tasks done in the stockroom.  While some people could find it tedious, Jarrod thrives at the project.  Ron also credited the Job Coach Kaleb for assisting with guiding Jarrod through his daily routine and keeping up on all of his required trainings.

Jarrod feels that Advance Auto Parts is a great place to work and "it opens up a lot of opportunities for me and everyone is really helpful and nice to me."

Congratulations to Kimberly and Jarrod!

You can find them at 

Outback Restaurant 970 Lindsay Blvd in Idaho Falls

Advance Auto Parts 125 Valley River Dr. Rexburg

If you are interested in finding exemplary employees such as Kim and Jarrod, please see our Staffing Solutions Page

Kim in Santa Hat taking chair off table to put on floor
Kim setting the chairs
Kim in Santa Hat wiping down and adjusting table in booth
Wiping the table and setting it straight
Kim in Santa hat setting the barstool
Setting the barstools
Kim in Santa hat wiping down and clearing the bar top of items
clearing the bar
Kim in Santa hat wiping silverware across from David in overcoat
Kim with Job Coach David
Jarrod sitting at table holding a certificate of 5 years in front of him
Jarrod with his 5 Year Certificate