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Thanks to Idaho Falls Fiber and Blue Phoenix Branding, the DWI Extended Employment Services has a great opportunity for many individuals to gain experience assembling and kitting.  Idaho Falls Fiber boxes include items that are sent to residents in appreciation for signing up for Fiber.  Blue Phoenix Branding brought the project to DWI finding it to be a great fit for all parties.

Client Production Workers build the boxes and add the components, which include a blanket, candy and popcorn, and apply a label to seal the box closed. The assembly line approach on this project has allowed many individuals to both gain vocational experience and to earn a paycheck.  

Eric Grossarth, Public Information Officer for the City of Idaho Falls, recently visited DWI to see how the project is coming along.  The team was pleased to have someone from the City there and they were eager to show how proud they are of the work that they are doing. 

Since it is a local project, many of the individuals may actually see the end result of their work in the community or know of someone who has received a box and they tell them that they worked on that job.

We appreciate the support and confidence from Blue Pheonix Branding and Idaho Falls Fiber.

We are always seeking new partnerships with projects and jobs similar to this, that allows more individuals to gain that valuable training experience and earn a paycheck that can lead to their chosen level of independence.