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On the second day of Spring, volunteers from the INL Leadership Immersion program descended upon DWI to do a day of much needed Spring Cleaning, in the middle of a snowstorm (this is Idaho).  Over 30 participants took care of a variety of projects including, dismantling a raised railroad tie planter bed, removed and recycled a few truckloads of old electronic equipment, replaced ceiling tiles, built desks and basketball hoops, and so much more.  

The morning represented the 65th service project by the INL Leadership Immersion Program that was begun in 2007.  Program facilitator Bryan Parker explained that it is a way for new and seasoned leaders to work together and to understand INL's relationship within the wider community.  

Brett, one of the participants in the program, remembers building the railroad tie planter bed over 30 years ago with another volunteer group.  And it proved to be built well, as the team had to hack and hammer away to remove the ties.

We are privileged to have the group come out each year and provide the needed man and woman power to take care of many projects that have gone uncompleted, due to time and staffing constraints.

After they projects were done, DWI CEO McKayla gave the group a tour of the entire campus and many participants were enlightened that DWI is "More than they ever imagined."

The group went on to finish their day at the Ronlad McDonald House at EIRMC that afternoon.

We thank INL and the volunteers for all their hard work as it truly made a positive difference to the staff and clients of DWI.