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Two individuals who have been receiving job support services from DWI have decided, along with their employers, that they no longer require those job coaching supports.

Sammi has worked at Grease Monkey in Rexburg for almost three years.  In his role as a Courtesy Clerk, Sammi cleans the windows, tires and vacuums the cars before being returned to the customers.  He also tidies up the lobby when needed.  He enjoys being around his co-workers and he especially enjoys meeting and welcoming the customers.  His Manager Mariah says that Sammi is very important to the team, and that he is a very welcoming person to everyone when they visit Grease Monkey.

Kaleb, who has been job coaching Sammi for about a year and a half, mentioned that Sammi has grown and improved his interpersonal skills which has led to his success on the job.  

Benjamin has worked at Premier Powder Coating & Custom Fabrication in Rexburg for three years.  Benjamin keeps the shop clean and safe by sweeping up and taking the trash out.  He also has been perfecting his welding skills.  He said that he took welding in school, and this job allows him to get better and to learn more about the craft.  He explained that Kaleb has helped him focus on the tasks and made him more effective and efficient and doing those tasks.

Kaleb, who is our Community Supported Employment Coordinator in Rexburg, is excited for the graduation of Sammi and Benjamin but will miss seeing them on a regular basis.  But if there is ever a need for either of them to reach out, he is there to come back and perhaps encourage or give a new tip or two.

We are pleased to see that clients are able, with the support of their employers, to take that added step towards their independence.  When an individual graduates, we can begin services for someone new, so are always seeking new businesses who have a need for a Sammi or a Benjamin or someone that can fill a unique role within your business. Please see our Staffing Services page for more info.  

If you are seeking a new job and may need assistance, please to our Community Employment Services page.

Congratulations to Sammi and Benjamin and thank you to Grease Monkey and Premier Powder Coating and Custom Fabrication for being DWI Champion Employers.