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Considering Outsourcing Your Packaging and Assembly?

Development Workshop, Inc. (DWINC) is an organization dedicated to providing community rehabilitation services while offering a wide range of business solutions, such as manufacturing, staffing services, and janitorial services to help fund its mission. We at DWI aim to provide prospective clients with manufactured products, qualified applicants for unfilled positions, janitorial services for commercial and industrial businesses, and access to packaging and assembly services so businesses can focus on selling their products.    

If you are a company looking for cost-efficient solutions, outsourcing your packaging and assembly needs may be a great option, and our team is happy to help. We will provide detailed information about what packaging and assembly mean for your business and the benefits of outsourcing them. At DWINC, we have the necessary packaging and assembly resources at competitive prices, which will help you gain more time and save money in the long run. 

What Is Packaging & Assembly?

In its most basic definition, packaging and assembly is the process of wrapping, boxing, and shipping products to their final destination. This process also ensures that all components and parts necessary to assemble the product are included in each package, such as instructions. Packaging and assembly help keep products safe during transport to ensure they arrive without damage.

Assembly is just as important as the packaging part of the process because it ensures the steps to sell a product have all components fit together correctly, which allows customers to easily put together their product with the provided instructions. 

Proper packaging also prolongs the shelf life of products by protecting items from damage or contamination while in transit. Furthermore, correct labeling allows customers to quickly identify what they have purchased without opening the box. Overall, packaging and assembly are essential steps for products to arrive safely and maintain a happy customer experience.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Packaging and Assembly

Outsourcing your packaging and assembly is a great way to save time, money, and business resources. It allows your business to focus its efforts on developing and manufacturing products while leaving the tedious tasks of packing and assembling products to qualified professionals. 

In addition, outsourcing these services provides your business with access to specialized equipment that may not be available within your organization. You can contact Development Workshop, Inc. for more information about your specific needs. Outsourcing your packaging and assembly will help your business become more efficient, timely, and cost-efficient.


Outsourcing your packaging and assembly needs to DWINC is a great way to speed up tedious tasks. Since you won’t have to invest in the equipment, the daunting task of taking on more employees or managing larger projects is taken off your plate. 


You will no longer waste time trying to figure out how to assemble your products as our trained workers are experienced with the best packaging and assembly practices, so it becomes far easier, faster, and more cost-effective for your business.  

Cost Efficient 

Another major benefit of using DWINC for your packaging and assembly is that it can help you reduce operational costs by cutting down labor hours, packaging materials, and equipment. It leads to improved production efficiency for your business and customer satisfaction, which can ultimately drive up your business profits. 

Lastly, outsourcing offers you greater flexibility when dealing with changes in demand or seasonal fluctuations so you can keep operations running smoothly. So if you’re looking to maximize efficiency and profitability, consider reaching out to DWINC to outsource your packaging and assembly. Our packaging and assembly services will also help fund the community rehabilitation services we offer in Idaho.

Packaging Options by Development Workshop, Inc.  

Our team at DWINC offers a variety of packaging and assembly options for prospective clients, depending on their products and needs. Our current equipment and machines include the following:

  • Bubble packer machine: This machine helps enclose items in protective air-filled plastic bubbles and is often used to ship fragile items and products through the mail. The machinery uses rolls of plastic sheeting with pre-formed pockets so that these "bubbles" provide some cushioning and protection to items while in transit. It also helps keep the products safe from dirt and moisture.
  • Bag sealing machine: This machine seals open-top bags quickly and effectively by using heat or pressure to create an airtight seal. It helps ensure the contents stay secure while making the process quick, easy, and ideal for commercial use.
  • Die cutter machine: This machine is a versatile and powerful tool to cut materials in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. It uses a die-like device to cut different types of materials, such as metal, paper, or plastic. It is also capable of cutting through the hardest materials with precision to create intricate designs and patterns. It is a great tool for industrial and commercial use.
  • Shrink wrapper: This machine shrinks plastic wrap around products to form a secure seal. It is commonly used in the packaging of retail products to make them secure. The process involves heating a specific plastic film with hot air or steam until it shrinks tightly around the item to create an attractive package. It also increases shelf appeal and reduces chances of tampering or theft. Shrink wrappers are extremely versatile as they can be used on nearly any size or shape of product, including boxes, cans, bottles, pouches, and jars.

You can check out our past projects section to see some images of our work samples

Contact Our Sales and Marketing Manager

Development Workshop, Inc. can provide your business with experienced and skilled personnel and the necessary packaging and assembly machinery while ensuring we meet your expectations. Consider outsourcing your packaging and assembly needs with Development Workshop, Inc. and contact our Sales and Marketing Manager for more information and to discuss the possibility of a contract.  

We have been in business for more than 52 years and are committed to helping our community by providing quality services to potential clients in the area. Outsourcing your packaging and assembly needs with us can also be a great way to help fund our community rehabilitation services while saving your business time and money. It is a win for everyone.